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Activities & Accommodation in the Suisui Center

Come and explore the Amazon’s variety of doings. Swimming, fishing, contemplating nights, trekking and many more invite you to make the most of your Peruvian exploration.

ABOUT. Have you ever wondered how quiet but exciting life can be in the same time? Did you ever feel as a break-through of your daily routine might guide you to inner strength and power? No matter if you are coming for holidays, personal development or leisure time – You decide if you would like to let your mind blow in the Peruvian jungle, relax in your holidays, find personal transformation, pay attention to nature’s secrets or learn about the traditional Shipibo community. Create your very individual adventure.

SERVICES. The Suisui Center is well equipped with individual & shared wooden cabins, provides Peruvian meals and offers spacious and comfortable places for meditation and rest. You might access the terrace, water platform and the lounge.
Once you arrived at Cashibococha Lagoon you will be picked up by boat to ship you to the lodge.

Find details about the lodging rooms at Suisui Center or have a look at our Airbnb page.



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