Jr. La Selva 568, Yarinacocha, Cnel. Portillo, Ucayali, Perú


Shelly, NYC, 10/27/15

Total life transformation. Manuela’s singing brought me places and showed me things that I could never imagine. I am so grateful. All my love and blessings.

Stephan, Austria, 6/3/16

I had my strongest and most beautiful ceremony here

Cura, cura corazón

Itcha wirus irake planta medicin

Taylor, Canada. 06/03/16

The Amazon is such an amazing part of the world and this place encompasses all of its magic.

Thank you so much, this experience has changed my life

Stefan, Germany 07/03/16

I am so grateful for the last 10 days. Altough there are a lot of steps still to take, the expefrience has changed my life. I hope I can return to this magical place somewhere in the near future, muchas gracias.

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