Shipibo Community

Shipibo Community Visit

Peru’s Ucayali region is home of the Shipibo Etnia – traditional societies that cure with medicinal plants and shamanic traditions. Suisui does not only represent a healing lodge in the Peruvian jungle but it is a close neighbor of the shipibo community “Santa Teresita”. Hop on the boat and we will give you a ride to a traditional Amazonian culture:

We enter into the Shipibo land hidden in bushes and trees. Leaving the boat behind we walk through thick tree trunks onwards and we find ourselves amidst this living environment of one main street with wood made homes and some kids playing around.

Approaching the main path, the scene might look like a very tiny familial village. Time appears differently here. Living instead of worrying. Doing instead of planning.

Chicken stroll along the way, some kids might play with wood, others refresh themselves with water. Hoods are covered with the typical roof made out of palm tree leaves. There is this hammock on the veranda and that wooden swing close to the lagoon, both waiting to be occupied for a lazy day in the sun. Oh, and there in the corner, a mum surrounded by five kids pealing fruit whilst these three teenager are chatting in the shadow. Children learning how to ride a bicycle and women carrying the fresh laundry might cross your way. Strolling along we feel warm and welcomed.
As Shipibos are very well known for their handcrafts, we watch the manufacturing and have a look on the final products. Women and girls seem to be very proud when presenting their work to you: Clothing, shawls, tablecloth and different types of bags – all individually adorned by the traditional needing art. Besides, wind chimes, jewelry and key chains complete the little market. If our heart feels like taking home a tangible memory of this authentic hide-out, that’s the place to do so.

On our way to Santa Teresita, the boat will drive us first along the riverside to get an overview of our surroundings. Birds, water plants, Peruvian Amazonian forest and here and there some hidden hoods in the bushes. In little distance, we recognize some water planes of the SAM Mission (South American Mission) covertly stored in their garage amongst the jungle trees.