Jr. La Selva 568, Yarinacocha, Cnel. Portillo, Ucayali, Perú


We provide cabins with individual rooms and meals or diets required for your retirement. For ayahuasca ceremonies we offer you the Maloka which has a shaman’s room nearby and 2 toilets for use of participants in the ceremonies. Our services include single rooms with a bed, daily meals required at each retreat, boat transportation to and from Suisui and free access to the terrace, water platform, gazebo and lounge.

The electric power of 220 V comes from a solar equipment that supplies the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, the baths and the ceremonial Maloka. The cabin rooms lack electric light and outlets. You can access other facilities such as swimming, volleyball, walks through the forest, boating, bird watching, fishing, flower baths and visits to native communities.

Other Activities

In Suisui you can access other facilities such as volleyball, fulbito and, after coordination, boat rides, birdwatching, fishing, walks in the forest, flower baths and visits to native communities. It is advisable to bring a hat, light clothing (a pair with long sleeves), bath clothes, mosquito repellent, sun cream and flashlight.