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Dearest Otto ad the lovely senoras, muchas muchas gracias for having us here in your beautiful healing center. You have created a very special space here and hilled it with positivity, love and good spirit. Thank you for having care of me whilst I let go of that which no larger served me and apened my heart to myself and the universe.                                         **Jaine, August, 2019

This land/medicine has helped me to transform my life by holding me in such a safe container. Thank you.” **Carly, July, 2019


So much gratitude fot this space and time on this land. The safety, love and tenderness permeated the soul and allowed deep transformational healing. **July, 2019


I am so grateful for this intimate, authentic, nourishing experiencing, thank you, thak you all for all that you give – I have soaped it up, and I hope to share it when I leave. **Suzanne, July, 2019


What a wonderful experience this was thanks from the bothom of my heart you …… us to do this process. I will not forget it. **Orsine, June, 2019


Thank you for  allowing me to call this place home for the last 2 weeks. Huge appreciation for the attention you and the staff take towards dictail, from the caomfort of the tambos, the beauty of the garden, the nourishing food. I couldn´t  have askep for a better experience. Apologies to the staff, with whon, couldn´t communicate during a part of the silent effers were appreciated. I will miss rowing apound in the grass with the two puppies who ive renamed silver fox and goldie hope to see you soon. **Kelly from Australia, June, 2019


It´s a perfect combination of jungle feel and spirit with the comfort of shelter, running water and a beautiful gathering space. We felt at easy and at home from the start. **Marie, April, 2019

Thank you for the opportunity to connect to this beautiful land, it plants people. **Laysa and Santiago, April, 2019

Otto! Thank you and your crew so much for all your hospitality. I so appreciate spending time here an your incredible property and this beautiful lord. It hasted a prefund moment in time that I´m so grateful for.
Thank you. **Aaron, April, 2019

The space created here is a paradise for healing. Each gesture, the buildings, the plants, the people, the place brings such beauty and healing in itself. It is clear that heart and soul was within each element that crafted this space. Thank ou for all that you are: Magical! **Alana, November, 2018

Thank you, Otto, for hosting our Aya Healing Retreat (which was wonderful). You have created such a beautiful healing sanctuary here. Thank you so much for opening up this paradise to share with others. **Linda and Steve from Florida, November, 2018

Thank you Otto for sharing your beautiful place with us. Your staff is so sweet, your garden so full of love and care and your home so tranquil and protected. I will always remember my time here fondly and hope to return soon . **Simon, April, 2018

What a beatiful sanctuary this property is. Thank you Otto for sharing your space with s. The past few days/week have been incredible. Thanks. **Joey, July, 2018

My time here was exquisite! Small, very personal and awesome group. Beautiful place, peaceful and sweet. Thank you. **Tony, March, 2018

Thank you very much for hosting us here. You created a truly magical place where soul, body, mind and spirit can come to a deep rest. Thank you, Otto and team! **Iris, April, 2017

What a wonderful place to be introduced to the amazon and Ayahuasca. In these 10 days I have experienced and still am experiencing wonderful changes. Otto is so generous and made us fell right at home. So greatful for all the new friends I met. Many thanks to Mauela, Julien, Franky and all the staff. **Guillaume, January, 2017

The amazon is such an amazing part of the world and this pace encompasses al of its magic. Thank zou so much, this experience has changed my life. **Taylor from Canada, March, 2016

I had my strongest and most beautiful ceremony here. Cura cura corazon. Itcha Wirus Irake Planta Medicin. Lots of light to you. **Stefan from Austria, March, 2016

Total life transformation. Mauela´s singing brought me to places and showed me things that I coul NEVER imagine. I am so grateful. All my love and blessings **Shelly, New York, October, 2015

“What a perfectly peaceful environment to be – just be. The rooms were comfprtable, the main house a great place to visit with friends and share a meal. The maloca was perfectly suited for ceremonies. The sound of nature… The lagoon is great for swimming on a hot day and Otto is a gracious host. This place feels like a true home away from home. Very grateful to be here – sharing this space, with friends, family and nature.” **April, 2015