Kayaking is offered during rainy season (November-April) only.

Having the Ucuyali river complex in close distance, Cashibococha lies directly in front of the Suisui Center. Surrounded by green nature and covered by the Amazon sun, unique nature places are waiting for you to be explored. Take on the adventure to the beautiful secrets of the Peruvian jungle. Perceive nature not from the ground as usual but from the constantly moving flow of the water.

You are welcomed to explore 137 acres of clean water by kayak. Listen to the birds, dangle your feet into the water or breathe in the different smells of nature. Enjoy the beautiful, wide scenery of the sky and water.

Right at its side, the Suisui Center holds aquatic bushes: Mystical gates of branches and fairylike swimming plants abduct you to the magnificence of the Amazon. Move in your head when this tree decided to create a very low gate for you and spread your arms when you are paddling aside of the trees: The flat river, calm water plants and single trees providing hideout for birds depict freedom.

Leaving the bushes you can paddle hours on the wide Cashibococha, mirroring its beautiful jungle on the sideways. Pass the area of the Shipibo Community, have a look to the mission waterplanes and gaze when leaning back and watching the huge birds above you.

A very special feeling is sunset-kayaking. While everyone else is still asleep, take the kayak, find your favorite spot and begin your day peacefully. Watch, how the sun will paint a sky full of red, orange, yellow and/or pink tones – all beautifully mirrored in the calm water. Birds sing their songs and fish make little noise when splashing. Sunset-time is a very peaceful time here in the jungle..

Duration: Kayaks are available to rent all day long