Coordinator & Co.

Coordinators & Co.

Come and organize rituals, retreats and trainings.

As Pucallpa is well known for its healing plants, we benefit from more than five years of collaboration with Ayahuasca Ceremony Group Coordinators. Still welcoming you, the 136 acres at the Suisui Center lend itself for authentic variety. Hence, you, as a Yoga Educator, Reiki Teacher, Mental Coach and Art Instructor shell also find space to conduct your retreats, classes, healing, trainings, seminars and workshops.

All ambiences at the Suisui Center comprise wooden style and might be used in multiple ways. Our grand maloca represents the heart of the lodge, hosting all kinds of group ceremonies and sessions. The centered main house is surrounded by wide lawn accompanied by (medicinal) plants, (fruit) trees and bushes – holding Cashibococha Lagoon in front and wild jungle in the back. 18 rooms vary between individual and shared, cabins, hoods and lagoon- or jungle-view.

We ask you for a minimum stay of three days. Catering by Ayahuasca Insights might be booked as in-/excluded. Find more details about the infrastructure and lodging area at Suisui Center.

Do you possess your group of attendees yet? Then you are all set and the location is yours to rent! Don´t you possess your group of attendees yet? No problem! Ayahuasca Insights gladly takes over responsibility of promoting your offer (as a retreat-package) via and Social Media.