Ayahuasca Ceremonies

Ayahuasca Ceremonies Organized by Group Coordinators

Organized Ayahuasca Groups are welcomed to hold ceremonies and rituals. Group Coordinator choose either the option of self-catering or inclusive-catering prepared by Ayahuasca Insights. 

ABOUT. Where to combine the nature’s incomparable beauty, calmness as well as spiritual and cultural insights if not in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon, nearby Pucallpa? Enter the amazing world of ayahuasca and other healing plants in the Peruvian jungle of the Ucayali region. Holding rituals in the Ceremonial center, maloca, you will immediately dive into the magnificent and magical atmosphere. All ceremonies will be attended by native Shamans who practice traditional rituals, rites and songs that date back centuries and open doors to transformative experiences.

SERVICES. For your healing-stay the Suisui Center is well equipped with cabins including individual rooms, meals or diets required for each retreat and spacious and comfortable places for shared group meeings, confidential talks, meditation and rest. There are two options of catering: Either the group is caring for food by itself or meals will be provided by Ayahuasca Insights. In case of the latter dishes correspond to your diet, are prepared freshly every day using seasonal and regional ingredients and will be served three times a day. You might access the terrace, water platform, vantage point and the lounge.
Once you arrived at Cashibococha Lagoon you will be picked up by boat to ship you to the lodge.