We accept groups to partake in retreats and ayahuasca ceremonies in the heart of the Amazon jungle. We provide the cabins with individual rooms, meals required for each retreat, a large place or maloca for your ceremonies and spacious and comfortable spaces for meetings, meditation and rest.

At our center you can also, fish, ride a boat, adventure throught the Cashibococha lake on kayak, trek into the jungle or just use the floating platform for sunbathing and diving in the lake.

From our lookout tower (40 feet) you can contemplate the entire length of the lake and beyond.

After 15 minutes of boat transportation and a 50-minute walk you will reach a beautiful and large Amazonian forest owned by Santa Teresita shipibo community. Your guide will be an experiencied Shipibo dweller.

To visit our center is to go to meet nature, enter a paradisiacal sphere where the green shades of its vegetation are mixed with the blue of the sky and the beautiful Cashibococha lagoon. It is to find peace, tranquility with oneself and to go back to ancestral customs left by the old settlers of this piece of Amazon forest. It is to see birds, to fish, to do sport, to contemplate nights of starry sky and moons of impressionable beauty or days of unique color.

We have an ecological reserve of 55 hectares (136 acres) adjoining the lagoon in the heart of the Amazon jungle and we are surrounded by forests and mirrors of water with lush wildlife. Back to the central house we have a forest of 1.3 miles long inhabited by foxes, sloths, armadillos, various species of monkeys and other mammals. Lake Cashibocoha houses 52 species of fish and 49 of birds.

We have pleasant cabins amicably hidden within the forest and the lagoon, a large main house with kitchen and dining room and a cozy living room with hammocks connected to a terrace facing the lagoon. You will find clean bathrooms, occidental washbasins and showers. Drinking water comes from a 170 ft.-deep well that guarantees a very clean water. Our center has a large Maloka, a rounded space made of wood and palm roof which functions as a ceremonial center.